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Why you should create show notes for your podcast

With millions of active podcasts out there, it has become increasingly important to find effective ways to promote your podcast and reach a wider audience. A great way to do so, through AI generated show-notes.

Effective AI show notes will power up you rank on search engines (SEO) and make it easy for your audience to understand what your podcast is all about.

In this article, we will first focus on the advantages and disadvantages of an AI podcast show notes generator. We will also give you an overview of the best free and paid tools on the market.

Advantages for podcasting

Having show-notes as part of your podcast has almost become a must to reach a new audience and make your podcast accessible on search engines (SEO). Here are some advantages using artificial intelligence to create them:

  1. Save Time

With many AI apps you can get a full transcripts of your podcast and create show notes in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Consistency

Depending on which solution you use, you can add examples of what your show notes should look like. This way you can always generate your show notes in the same format.

Disadvantages for podcasting

  1. Lack of tone of voice

Many tools won’t let you add examples and are very limited with the AI models they provide to their users. This often results in the output to sound very generic and not like you. To overcome this, make sure to use a tool that uses GPT-4 and let’s you add examples of what your tone of voice is.

  1. Lack of focus

The tools will sometimes miss important parts of your podcast. They will first create a summary and then use this summary to generate your show notes. However, the AI does not always know what is most important to you and your audience.

  1. Lack of guest information

The show notes are often a great way to add more information about your guests. Most AIs don’t have any knowledge of your guests so by default they will not include that information in the output and you will have to add that manually.

Best podcast show notes generators

Which are the best tools to use to get show notes that fit your own tone of voice and focus on the right parts of your episode? Here are some of the best tools and methods to get your show notes both free and paid.

  1. Descript

Descript is an app that let’s you transcribe your podcast and automatically generate show-notes from your podcast. The advantage of it is that it is relatively cheap pricing (15$ / month) and that you can also edit videos in the app. However, the AI show-notes are not best in class as it does not use GPT-4.

  1. Do it yourself (ChatGPT + YouTube)

If you want to save money, you can use YouTube to get a transcript of your podcast and then use the free version of ChatGPT to generate your AI Show-notes. Here are the steps:

  1. WhisperTranscribe

Get the most accurate AI show notes using WhisperTranscribe. The tool uses OpenAI Whisper which will give you the highest quality transcript. It also uses GPT-4 to generate show-notes that don’t sound like they are written by a machine.

This includes features that let's you add an example to better fit your own tone of voice.

Here a video of how the app works. The app powered by AI and will also let you create social posts, summaries, and supports you in the content creation process.

The best part, you can try it for free for two episodes. You can test it out here.

  1. Shownotes Generator

This tool is focused on creating show-notes and does a good job in it! The big upside of it is that they have a generous free trial. However, as the name indicates, they don’t include a lot of other content pieces in their app and they don't offer GPT-4 as a feature for content generation. You can transcribe one podcast episode for free.


There are many advantages to using an AI show note generator. Firstly, it saves a lot of time and often also let’s you generate other content that you can use on your social media, blog-post or in your newsletter.

There is a great way to do this all for free and get pretty decent results using a YouTube transcript. To get the best results, you should however pick an app that generates your show notes using GPT-4 and let’s you customise how the tone of voice of your content.

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